Landscaping & Clearing

Landscape Renovation, Soil & Sod

In landscaping, our specialty is taking established properties that may have some overgrown trees & shrubs and/or worn out lawns, and revitalizing the landscape! We install many types of mulch ground covers along with edging and new plants. We remove old worn out lawns and bring in new topsoil and sod. Proper landscaping adds considerable value to your property!

Consider DeepRoot Fertilizing! Root zone injected, slow release fertilizer that gets injected right into the root area, once a year.

landscaping and clearing

Lot Clearing

Make room for a new building or development. We’ll help you choose the right trees to remove and preserve ones to leave in place. Our Certified Foremen are experienced in safely felling large trees, and we’ll cut up usable wood for firewood or chip up the branches for recycling.

Call us at your design stage and we’ll advise how to preserve trees during the construction process.

Brush Chipping

Our Vermeer 1000XL and 1200XL wood chippers will take up to 12 inch diameter logs and turn them into a recyclable product. This service is available at an hourly rate – please contact us for details.
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