September 2016

"Winter is Coming"


Please find below our Snow Removal Rates for your review.


Over twenty years of utilizing the best practices to manage the snow and ice of our Alberta winters has allowed us to develop first rate snow removal programs, engaging in full service administration of your winter property maintenance, large or small.


Our staff will provide prompt, safe, and efficient snow services such as pushing & piling, sweeping, hauling, de-icing and traction control.  A common complaint in snow property management arises from a lack of prompt service while tied into arbitrary monthly contracts.  Cooperatively, we perform all of our snow services on a per time or hourly basis, ensuring that clients are only billed for services provided and only when needed.


Our large fleet of well-maintained equipment enables us to respond in kind to large storms or periods of excessive snowfall allowing for the peace of mind that comes from a guarantee that your sites will be clean and safe.  We maintain a long list of references that can speak to our performance history and professionalism.


We are fully covered by WCB, and have extensive liability insurance.  We hold a current Certificate of Recognition (COR) with the Alberta Construction Safety Association. This designation is awarded based upon a cycle of internal and external evaluations that ensure well-trained staff and job procedures are in place, with regular safety meetings and participation in hazard assessment and control, along with an extensive equipment maintenance program.


Along with our snow management programs we offer a full range of arborist and tree management services, allowing for proactive planning and budgeting of various tree needs and general property care.

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Snow Removal Rates


Sidewalk Clearing/ hr

OR Sidewalk Clearing Minimum 2 hrs

De-icer S&I/ hr

Excessive Snowfall 4"+/ hr

Parking Lot Clearing/ hr Minimum 2 hrs

Plowing/ hr

OR Plowing Minimum 2 hrs

Sweeping/ hr

OR Sweeping Minimum 2 hrs

Rock Chips S&I/ yd3

OR Rock Chips Minimum 2yd3

Street Sand w/ Salt S&I/ yd3

OR Street Sand Minimum 2yd3

Loader w/ Operator/ hr

OR Loader Minimum 2 hrs

Dump Truck w/ Operator/ hr

OR Dump Truck Minimum 2 hrs