How do I hire an Arborist and/or Landscaper?


Make sure they are ISA Certified, fully insured and carry WCB coverage. Do they have a SAFETY PROGRAM that is recognized by our industry? Do they have a DRUG FREE work place? Is their equipment inspected regularly? Do they have documentation of the inspections? If the company has aerial lifts, can they provide documented inspections of their equipment? Always ask for references.


When can I get sod/soil installed?


Any time during growing season, usually between May and October.


When is a good time to plant?  What are some proper planting techniques?


Containerized, balled and burlapped trees may be planted from April to November as long as the ground is not frozen. Do not transport plants uncovered in hot weather (above 20°C).


How much watering should my trees get?


These last dry years you must supplement natural rainfall. Rule: Ten gallons per inch of diameter of trunk size.


When should I do my fall watering?


Water trees and shrubs well just before freeze-up.


Is it always necessary to stake a new tree?


This is really only necessary in high traffic areas where people may pull on them. If a tree has the proper sized root ball and is installed properly there is no need for staking. If stakes are required make sure that soft material is used around the trunk AND make sure that the stakes get removed after one year.


When is Elm Tree pruning permitted?


In Alberta, it must be done between October and March.


What is the "black marshmallow" like substance on branches of trees?


It is most likely "Black Knot Disease". It is typically found on Maydays and other cherry  tree species.  It should be removed quickly to avoid spreading. Use disinfected tools. Fall and Winter is a good time to see this disease and remove it.


When is a good time to fertilize my trees?


Fertilizing can be done, with the right kind of fertilizer, any time during the growing season. A root-zone, slow-release is the best kind of fertilizer to use.


Is winter a good time for pruning?


Winter can be a very good time of year for pruning.  This is when trees are dormant.  However, it is not suggested you prune when the weather is extremely cold.


How do I move a tree?


Consult with us BEFORE hiring a larger tree moving company. Many companies SAY they know how to move trees, but don't have an experienced CERTIFIED ARBORIST on staff.

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