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We provide you with fully trained Certified Arborists to maintain your trees and shrubs. We do not "top" trees, and no Certified Arborist will. Please ask us for more information on why "topping" is harmful to trees. Our pruning is done to ISA standards and we will advise you on proper methods and when to have your pruning done.

REMEMBER: Winter is a very good season to prune most trees



Occasionally situations will arrise where you must consider removing a tree. We can first assess the tree and its location, and advise you of your options. Many times trees are just planted in the wrong location and have outgrown their space. We believe in preserving rather than destroying when possible. If removal is necessary, we can also treat the stump and roots, then grind it out to re-plant another tree and sod. Make sure you replace at least one or two more trees to replace any large tree removal for future generations to enjoy! Canadian Tree Care is fully insured and all our staff are covered by WCB.



Anyone can dig a hole and “throw” a tree in it, but has it been planted to proper I.S.A. specifications. Has the right species of plant been chosen for the planting site?  C.T.C. crews plant trees properly!

Many “so-called” landscapers do not know how to plant a tree properly, we see this every year !  Many trees decline and even die due to improper planting. We can review your landscape design before you plant.



Our Vermeer 1000XL and 1200XL wood chippers will take up to 12 inch diameter logs and turn them into a recyclable product. This service is available at an hourly rate – please call for details.



In landscaping, our specialty is taking established properties that may have some overgrown trees & shrubs and/or worn out lawns, and revitalizing the landscape! We install many types of mulch ground covers along with edging and new plants. We can remove old worn out lawns and bring in new topsoil and sod to enhance your property.

Remember, proper landscaping ALWAYS adds to your property value. Canadian Tree Care is a LANTA member. We’d be happy to provide our expertise on your next yard project.



You may have trees that need to come down to make room for a new building or development. We can help you choose the right trees to remove and preserve ones to leave in place. Our Certified Foremen are very experienced in safely falling very large trees. We can then cut up the trees into usable firewood lengths and chip up the branches for recycling. Call us at your design stage and we can advise how to preserve trees during the construction process.



As you know, Alberta winters can be snowy, and in the last few winters, very icy. CTC is very experienced in managing sidewalks and parking lots, large or small. We believe in safety, whether it's for your family or your employees and customers. Our winter staff will provide you with prompt, efficient snow services such as pushing & piling, sweeping, hauling, de-icing and traction control. We perform all our snow services on a per-time or hourly basis, where we automatically come out after the set amount of snowfall. This ensures that you only pay for the service when exactly needed. AVOID COSTLY LAWSUITS from slips and falls on your property. Get proper winter sidewalk maintenance and record keeping - CALL NOW for a quotation.



Call us to have your trees and shrubs inspected regularly for pests and diseases. We will only provide treatment when it is completely necessary with environmentally friendly products. Some companies will spray trees over and over again without checking pest populations first. We only do inspect and treat programs. Once again we believe in being PROACTIVE by keeping trees and shrubs healthy by proper fertilizing and watering. A healthy plant resists pests and diseases much better than an unhealthy one. The following are some pests we typically have in the Edmonton area:

The very best treatment is preventative maintenance and selecting the right tree for the right location at the time of planting.

   • Yellowheaded Sawfly Larvae - usually mid June to July on Spruce Trees

• Forest Tent Caterpillars - young caterpillars hatch around early May on Aspen, Poplar, Maple, Birch, Ash and sometimes fruit trees

• Satin Moth - usually in May and sometimes again in late summer on Willow and Poplar trees

• Cottony Psyllids - little control with any sprays on Black Ash trees

• Ash Leaf/Cone Caterpillar - early to mid June migrates on a silk line on Green Ash trees

• Pear Sawfly - early June on Purple Leaf Sandcherry and Cottoneaster

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